Although massage is thousands of years old, it finds its application in the life of a modern man, whose pace of work, chasing deadlines and tension leave serious consequences for his mental and physical health.

Massage is not a luxury, it is a natural therapeutic method. It has a beneficial effect on the tissues, which further improves certain organ functionality and allows for the movement of tissue fluids (lymph and blood). 

Massage has an extraordinary effect on all body systems. It relaxes the nervous system. It stimulates the performance of glands and hormones, which, if they function properly, directly affect the body’s immunity and metabolism. They support detoxification of the body and elimination of waste products. It relieves stiffness and spasms, and is used as a supplementary method in the treatment of lumbago, lordosis, kyphosis… The benefits of massage are numerous. In addition to health care, it is also indispensable when it comes to body care. 

Our concept is based on the fact that the mind, body and emotions form an inseparable bond, and we should treat them as such. We dedicate ourselves individually and approach the needs of each client independently. The combination of touch, smell and sound will relieve you of stress, pain and fatigue.



Relax massage is a mild and pleasant massage that achieves relaxation of the body and well-being. It is performed with extremely light movements and slight pressure of the superficial tissues. It is not intended to relieve locomotor system pain. This massage is designed to relax and soothe you.



Therapeutic massage serves to relieve pain and tension due to the absence of physical activity, prolonged sitting, spinal deformity and poor oxygen flow in the tissue. The movement is of moderate speed, and the pressure is moderately/mid deep, penetrating to the smooth layers of the muscles.



Sports massage is intended for athletes and people with greater physical activity. It is performed with fast and deeper movements. It serves for regeneration after intensive efforts, for removing spasms and inflammation, and on the other hand, for stimulating and preparing the body for activities where maximum performance is required.



Holistic massage is personalized and created according to the condition, needs and wishes of the client. The most diverse techniques and styles of movement, touch and pressure are combined. This massage has an exceptional effect on the whole being, establishing the harmony of mind and body, creating a perfect balance. The effect of this approach is deep relaxation and regeneration, mental harmony, energy balance and productivity.



Back massage is a partial therapeutic massage. It is intended for everyone who has pain, stiffness, inflammation, spasm or a deformity of the spine. These conditions impair the quality of life and the performance of daily activities. Massage helps as the main or supplementary method for alleviating or eliminating these problems. Usually a series of several massages is needed.



Lymphatic drainage serves to detoxify the body and improve circulation. With it, we treat the lymphatic system, get rid of cellulite and relax tired and swollen legs. It is considered the elixir of youth.



Anti-cellulite massage is intended to remove cellulite, break down subcutaneous fat deposits and drain excess fluid and toxins from the body. Relieves edema, improves blood flow and lymph flow. It is ideal to combine with a thermal pack, plenty of fluids, as well as a nutrition and exercise program under professional guidance.

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